Red Leaf COVID-19 Guidelines

How We Are Helping To Reduce The Spread:

 Red Leaf IT is helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 by keep in line with the rules set out by officials. The following applies to all customers:

  • Appointments must be scheduled in order for any customer to be able to drop-off equipment for recycling.
    • Please call the store between business hours (Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 4 PM) to schedule an appointment through one of our technicians who will gladly assist you through the process. We ask that most appointments be scheduled on a 1-Day notice, we understand if you are in the vicinity and would like to drop-off immediately.
    • All customer drop-offs will be handled around the back of the building where we have our docks. There will be a dock door that reads "Red Leaf Drop" in which you can pull up to and one or more warehouse workers will assist with the process.
  • All customers who are dropping off equipment or browsing the retail store MUST wear a mask at all times.
    • If you do not have a mask, we ask that you please provide yourself with one before we do business
    • We will not provide masks or gloves to any person
  • We encourage customers to try and keep a minimum distance of 6 Feet from the any and all workers.